Shetland Resolve Audios

Relax More and Feel Better


 Many of my clients find they benefit from the deep relaxation that comes with the therapies I practice and they’re often surprised to realise it’s been a very long time since they truly relaxed.

It can come as a great relief and there are many benefits:

 green check mark Reduced stress levels

green check mark Less anxiety

green check mark Better sleep

 green check mark Boosted immune system

 green check mark Improved focus and concentration

green check mark Better problem solving abilities

green check mark Enhanced mood

green check mark Lowered blood pressure

green check mark Increased sense of wellbeing


Just finding half an hour once or twice a week (and more often in times of stress) to listen to a deep relaxation track can bring about immediately noticeable changes in your sense of wellbeing.

 In this collection, which I’ll be adding to over time, you’ll find audios to calm your mind and sooth your soul. In them, I speak in my native Shetland accent/dialect and guide you on an inner journey where you will explore some of the most uniquely beautiful parts of our remote isles, before returning feeling refreshed and with an increased sense of wellbeing.

 Please note that whilst these audios can bring about therapeutic benefits they are not a replacement for medical advice. If you have a condition, such as epilepsy, or have experienced any form of psychosis you must seek medical advice before using any of these products.

Never play these audios when you or someone in your company, is driving or otherwise needing to stay alert.

Give yourself the gift of deep relaxation on tap and purchase an audio today!