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Da Magical Worry Trows

A deeply calming and therapeutic bedtime story for children

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This is the story (created and read in Diane’s own native Shetland Dialect) of 3 friendly and magical trows (trolls) who work nightshift helping adults, animals and children clear their worry thoughts before they go to sleep.

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The trows show the listener the magic of how they do this special work, and the listener is encouraged to practice the technique for themselves, building confidence that they too now have the skills needed to banish their own worries whenever they need to. 

The narrative encourages a state of creative relaxation throughout and gently drifting off into a deep night’s sleep towards the end.

"Dear Diane, I love your trow story, it made me so relaxed... please make more because they're great!" - Alina, aged 11
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How can this audio help?

  • Children have wonderful imaginations and storytelling is a great way to engage their young minds in using their imagination in a way that benefits them.
  • Children (and adults) who have been gifted with more vivid imaginations (a useful skill when channelled in the right way) can also be more prone to anxiety and trouble sleeping, or getting to sleep. The right kind of story at bedtime can really help.
  • The human brain doesn’t discern any difference in how it reacts to what is imagined and what is real. If a child is vividly imagining a monster under the bed or that school will be bad tomorrow their physical stress response will be activated as if there’s really a monster there or they’re already having a bad day at school. A bedtime story can redirect the imagination onto much better things, calm the central nervous system and aid deep sleep.
  • The therapeutic content of the story can help your child learn, and embed, new skills in using the power of their own imagination to banish worry thoughts much more readily, more of the time.

Who is it for?

Suitable for children aged 5 to 11 and especially for those who are anxious, have trouble going to bed or getting to sleep.

Picture Credit: Alina, aged 11.

Alina REview for Diane Magical Worry Trows

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Don't just take my word for it...

Shetland Resolve
Alina - Age 11

“Dear Diane, I love your trow story, it made me so relaxed. I love the names of the trows too! You did an awesome job it's so detailed and clear it's 100% the best and I really hope you make more because they're great! Good job. PS Please make more because I absolutely love it!”

Age 11

Shetland Resolve
Susan - May 2024

“Sophie (10) loves this story and has already listened several times. She’s been eager to get to bed (instead of the usual delaying tactics) so she can hear it again and now she’s falling asleep very easily! What a difference it’s making for her and me - thank you!”

May 2024

Shetland Resolve
Nicola - May 2024

“I have two boys aged 4 and 6 who are both going through different stages of their development. They both recently had a terrible time with nightmares and decided among themselves they wanted each other at night to help them sleep. We got bunkbeds and this helped a lot but they were still waking up with nightmares about giants and trows, (a Shetland story told in lots of different ways), this audio couldn’t have come at a better time. They sat with me and listened on the couch before bed and they were completely engrossed in every word that was told. At one point I thought my youngest was going to fall asleep on my shoulder! We now often speak about the three trows: Shushy, Shrinky & Sunny and we are yet to have a bad dream about a trow 2 months down the line. I would Highly recommend this for any child and for parents struggling with children’s bed times. A lovely way to snuggle up and relax before bed. Thank you Diane" ”

May 2024