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Foula – Da Edge o da World

A beautiful guided relaxation in Shetland Dialect 

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 This beautiful, guided relaxation/visualisation/meditation (it’s all of these) in Shetland dialect will take you on an inner journey of deep, restorative, relaxation, as you listen to the soothing tones of Diane’s voice speaking in her native tongue.

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During the 30 minute experience, she will share tips on how to get the most from listening, then take you through a gentle process that encourages deep relaxation using eye fixation, a countdown and a calming light bath, before taking you on an immersive trip to Foula, one of the remotest inhabited isles in the UK.

During the relaxation, there is an opportunity to get distance from the stresses of everyday life and put things in their true perspective before gently reorientating to the present moment again with a feeling of lightness and inner peace.

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Why are remote and wild places so good for us?

Do you find spending time somewhere remote and wild an experience that rejuvenates you? If the answer is yes then here are some reasons why:

  • The sounds of nature are easy on your brain compared to other manmade sounds.
  • The feeling of remoteness makes it much easier to get distance and disconnect from the stresses of everyday life.
  • In the absence of manmade sounds it is much easier to fully reconnect with nature and feel part of something much greater we have yet to fully understand.
  • Alone time in nature makes it easier to put everyday stresses and worries into their true perspective.
  • Travelling somewhere remote and wild can instil a sense of adventure and exploration which meets an emotional need to experience variety in life.
  • When your brain is experiencing all of this you’re more likely to feel inspired, spontaneously have creative ideas and find solutions to problems.

How is listening to a recording the same as being there?  

 Can’t travel somewhere remote and wild right now or anytime?

No problem!

Neuroscientists have proved that our brain and central nervous system react, exactly, the same to

1. what you imagine in your own mind and

2. to what happens in the external world around you.

Whether you visit a remote and wild place or just spend time imagining being there you will get the same benefits.

What  benefits  might I get from listening?

check mark (1)Reduced stress levels

check mark (1)Reduced physical tension and aches that can go with it

check mark (1)Clearer, calmer mind

check mark (1)Increased sense of wellbeing

check mark (1)Better sleep

check mark (1)Improved mood

check mark (1)Immune system boost

check mark (1)Improved digestion


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Shetland Resolve
Ingrid - May 2024

“Super relaxation audio. I particularly enjoyed the fact it is done in Shetland dialect. The descriptions really sparked my imagination, I felt like I was really there! It was good for my mind body and spirit. I felt totally relaxed! I would definitely recommend this audio.”

May 2024

Shetland Resolve
Roger - May 2024

“I've listened 4 times now and still not heard it all as I keep drifting off to sleep which is wonderful because I usually find it hard to switch my mind off. This audio is quite special thank you!”

May 2024

Shetland Resolve
Debbie - May 2024

“Wow, this has taken relaxation to a whole new level for me. I am sleeping so much better and anytime I feel I'm needing to decompress I give myself time to listen to Diane's soothing tones. I've never actually been to Foula but I honestly feel as if I know the place through the audio experience. Magic! Please make some more so I can explore more of Shetland from afar.”

May 2024