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St Ninian's Beach Tombolo

A beautiful guided relaxation in Shetland Dialect 

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This beautiful, guided relaxation/visualisation/meditation (it’s all of these) in Shetland dialect will take you on an inner journey of deep, restorative, relaxation, as you listen to the soothing tones of Diane’s voice speaking in her native tongue.

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During the 30 minute experience, she will share tips on how to get the most from listening, then take you through a progressive muscle relaxation to release tension, before leading you on a sensory walk to one of the most spectacular sand tombolos (a beach connecting an island to the mainland) in the world, St Ninan’s Isle in the Shetland Isles.

During the relaxation, there is an opportunity to release negative thoughts/feelings and connect with a deep sense of gratitude before gently reorientating to the present moment again with a feeling of lightness and greater inner peace.

"The tranquil soothing voice of Diane creates a serene escape after a long arduous day, perfect for an evenings self care or sleep routine" - Amy
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Why are beaches so good for us?

Do you find spending time at the beach very relaxing? If the answer is yes then here are some reasons why:

  • The sound of the waves is easier for your brain to process than other sounds so it immediately starts getting a break.
  • As your brain gets to relax you enter a more meditative state and become more present… time at the beach is a mindful experience, relieving stress and lifting your mood.
  • Taking in the sight of a vast ocean can bring about a feeling of connectedness to something much greater outside of ourselves.
  • When your brain is experiencing all of this you’re more likely to feel inspired, spontaneously have creative ideas and find solutions to problems.

How is listening to a recording the same as being there?  

Can’t get to the beach right now? No problem!

Neuroscientists have proved that our brain and central nervous system react, exactly, the same to

1. what you imagine in your own mind; and

2. to what happens in the external world around you.

Whether you visit a beautiful beach or just spend time imagining being there you will get the same benefits.

What  benefits  might I get from listening?

check mark (1)Reduced stress levels

check mark (1)Reduced physical tension and aches that can go with it

check mark (1)Clearer, calmer mind

check mark (1)Increased sense of wellbeing

check mark (1)Better sleep

check mark (1)Improved mood

check mark (1)Immune system boost

check mark (1)Improved digestion


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Don't just take my word for it...

Shetland Resolve
Maria - April 2024

““I loved the music, the sounds of the sea were especially beautiful and your voice is so soothing. Initially I had to really listen consciously to your dialect but after a few minutes my unconscious mind was able to understand and process your words so easily and the journey to the beach with sea on both sides really worked even though I do not know the actual place. I fell into deep relaxation and only came back in the count up at the end. This is a fabulous and deeply relaxing recording that evoked all my senses. Loved it! Maria x””

April 2024

Shetland Resolve
Kristina - April 2024

“I listen to a LOT of guided meditations and relaxations and I can 100% say this audio from Diane at Shetland Resolve was on another level. Diane has such a soothing voice - I actually have no idea what she says during the relaxation because each time I've listened I've instantly become so relaxed that I've forgotten everything.  Wow, you have a beautiful kind of magic Diane, everybody should own a copy!”

April 2024

Shetland Resolve
Coleen - April 2024

“I’ve never listened to this type of thing and have never meditated… the 1st time I listened to Diane’s soothing voice I relaxed so much I never got to the end of the audio - and had a lovely mid-afternoon snooze (and I don’t do daytime naps usually)… I’m not a great sleeper, so I listened again one night and the same thing happened.  I now listen whenever I’m struggling to wind down/relax/get to sleep and I have yet to reach the end! It works for me!”

April 2024

Shetland Resolve
Amy - May 2024

“The tranquil soothing voice of Diane creates an serene escape after a long arduous day, perfect for an evenings self care or sleep routine ”

May 2024

Shetland Resolve
Ian - May 2024

“Very restful, a perfect voice for relaxation. Would definitely buy more”

May 2024