Reflections - shifting perspectives

It’s been a beautiful, bright and still day here in Shetland. The kind of day that lifts your spirits when the darkness is falling ever earlier and you know the light will be limited for months to come. The changing of the seasons is inevitable. In many ways change can seem to be the only thing that is truly constant. Learning to embrace it, to let go of resistance is a powerful way of reducing stress.

Change can take us out of our comfort zone but it can also take us away from our own discomfo…

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body and mind

Body and mind - the same system

My training and experience, now in working with clients across a wide range of issues, leaves me in no doubt whatsoever that the mind and body are all one system.  What affects us physically, affects us emotionally and vice versa.

Think of the last time you had a physical symptom (e.g. pain/fatigue) and how that made you feel within yourself – pretty fed up, sorry for yourself – right?  Think too of the last time you were really upset or worried by something.  How did your body react? Usually w…

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wave of life

Surfing the waves of life

A friend recently shared a popular quote she’d read in a mindfulness book (sorry I don’t know which one to credit the author).

“You can’t stop the waves of life but you can learn to surf”

I thought of it earlier while out for a stroll. It was a beautiful calm day, the tide was coming in and the waves weren’t particularly big. What was for sure, though, was that they would keep on coming whether I wanted them to or not. That’s how it is with life. We can’t control the external world and our lif…

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pendulum of life

The Pendulum of Life

Ever felt life would be so much easier if your mood didn’t swing back and forth like a pendulum over which you seem to have no control?
Mastering our emotions can seem an impossible task but self hypnosis, NLP and EFT techniques put us back in the driving seat and enable us, if we wish, to choose how we feel in any given moment.

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time to relax

Time To Relax

At Shetland Resolve, I do a range of recordings for deep relaxation and also for more specific therapeutic change (e.g. increased confidence, self esteem, better sleep, habit change, energy & motivation and more).  They can be in Shetland Dialect (though not too broad) or in my best (knapping) ‘Scottish’ accent for anyone not familiar with dialect words.

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