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hello world
“Hello World!” was the automated title given by WordPress for a new blogger’s very first blog post and I guess that’s how it feels… stepping out into a whole new world, as yet unknown, but isn’t that what keeps life exciting and fresh?  I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while.  Thinking about new ideas is fine so long as it leads to a decision and either some action or our moving on to something else.  In this case it’s action and here I am writing my first post.  As yet, I don’t really know how it’ll develop from here but I’m ok with that.  In any journey we need only see far enough to take the next step… so I’ll be happy for now with the knowledge that today I’ve got an account and I’ve also just written my very first blog post :).

I was clearing out some old papers earlier and came across an article by Ruth Walker on Susie Pearl, author of “Instructions for Happiness and Success”.  I love the simple 5 step guide to happiness she gives:

1. Smiling helps. It’s very hard to be depressed and smile at the same time. So even if you’re not feeling it, go there first. Have a smile.

2. Being kind to others boosts your happiness really fast. The research is extraordinary on this. When you’re kind you get it back. It’s like a boomerang effect.

3. Be aware of how your emotions affect the outcome of events in your life. You have to take responsibility for your feelings. No one else can make you feel miserable; you make yourself feel miserable.

4. Notice what’s going right in your life and stop focusing on what’s going wrong. Be appreciative of what you do have. Perhaps do a gratitude list: freedom, health, food on the table, good friends, a family member, a dog, a cat, the sun coming up everyday.

5. Hang out with people who make you feel good.

On on that last note, the weather is still unseasonably good here for March so I’m off now to hang out with a couple of equine friends who I always feel good around (Seymour and Laggan my trusty steeds). We’ll get a short hack in before the colder weather hits at the weekend.
Time To Relax
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