Initial Consultation with Diane at Shetland Resolve

30 Minute Session 

Online, by telephone or In Person at Shetland Resolve

If we’ve not met or spoken before, an initial 30 minute consultation is a great way to start and it’s what I would strongly recommend for:

  1. Getting to know each other a little bit before you make a decision about coaching/therapy with me.

  2. Discussing what it is you would like to explore further through coaching/therapy and whether/how I can help.

  3. Asking any questions you have (there is no such thing as a silly question!) that will help you make an informed decision.

  4. Working out whether I feel like the right person to help you at this time. This is important and I’m never offended if someone doesn’t progress to full sessions after an initial chat. For the best results we both need to feel like a ‘good fit’ for each other. We’re all unique individuals, not everyone gels together and that’s ok!

Upon purchasing your initial consultation, I will be in touch via email to arrange a mutually convenient date and time to meet.

initial consultation (3)

initial consultation (3)