Da Magical Worry Trows

"Dear Diane, I love your trow story, it made me so relaxed. I love the names of the trows too! You did an awesome job it's so detailed and clear it's 100% the best and I really hope you make more because they're great! Good job. PS Please make more because I absolutely love it!" - Alina, aged 11

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da magical worry trows

Da Magical Worry Trows

This is the story (created and read in Diane’s own native Shetland Dialect) of 3 friendly and magical trows (trolls) who work nightshift helping adults, animals and children clear their worry thoughts before they go to sleep.

Suitable for children aged 5 to 11 and especially for those who are anxious, have trouble going to bed or getting to sleep.

When you purchase Da Magical Worry Trows bedtime story for children you'll receive your unique username and password, with life time access to listen over and over again. Access anywhere from our app and inside our Shetland Resolve Library. Includes: 17 Minute Audio File

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"Sophie (10) loves this story and has already listened several times. She’s been eager to get to bed (instead of the usual delaying tactics) so she can hear it again and now she’s falling asleep very easily! What a difference it’s making for her and me - thank you!" - Susan